Clean Water

When we meet children in Uganda they usually only have one request of us. You would think that they would ask for food or clothing or other personal needs. Yet they do not complain and are grateful for their lives and their communities. However, they do ask for financial resources to allow them to go to school.

Government sponsored education reaches through 7th grade. Attendance at any secondary school requires fees. Any further college or vocational training comes at a cost. Approximately $1,200 dollars per year will allow a teenager in Uganda to complete their secondary education. This includes schooling, books, uniforms, and room and board, as often children have to leave home and go to boarding school to obtain this next level of education.

At this time, Embrace Uganda supports approximately 70 secondary school students, as well as some university students. Students selected to benefit from the Embrace Uganda Scholarship Fund have to submit an application and are carefully selected. Their progress is monitored by our Ugandan partners. There is an expectation that these students will eventually give back to their communities. Invest in a child’s education. Give to the Embrace Uganda Education Fund.