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Greatest Needs - Many times the Board of Embrace Uganda is approached to help address needs that present themselves throughout the year. A child we know falls ill or is injured. A teacher needs resources to be able to teach. A vehicle breaks down. This past year, through a generous gift, a baby house is under construction to house orphaned infants. There is need for furnishing, bedding and supplies. Undesignated gifts are used to help meet these needs.

Clean Water - Access to clean water is critical to improve the health and opportunities for community development in all of Uganda. With the help of generous donors we have been able to drill six clean water wells in the areas we serve. We have seen a school being built around one of those wells, as children now can stay the whole day without having to carry water. This is life changing! $10,000 will help drill another well.

Education - Embrace Uganda provides scholarships to 50-60 students each year. These scholarships cover school fees, books, boarding and uniforms. We have seen students graduate. We have seen exam scores soar. We have seen children have opportunities that did not exist before. $1,200 will provide education and living expenses to a child for a year.

Medical - Embrace Uganda sponsors outreach clinics in the communities we serve. We send health care providers, offer laboratory testing and provide medications to children and their caregivers. Most of the clinics are held at schools. Our goal is to provide every child within our reach with one health exam per year in areas where there are no doctors. $2500 will sponsor a clinic that serves 600 students. We have built a contemporary clinic in the village of Kaihura in Western Uganda capable of providing primary care services, delivering babies, and administering antiviral therapy for HIV/AIDS patients.

Mission 2018 - Help pay for Mission Projects the teams are involved in Uganda and to provide a convenient way to help a Team Member to pay for their trip. Note: If you are helping a Team Member financially towards their trip cost, include the Team Members Name in the optional "Additional Information:" field above.

Computer Literacy Program - Our partners African Church Empowerment Ministries (ACEM) have launched a COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAM to provide computers and computer training to their community. If you would like to help purchase the computer hardware, select Computer Literacy Program from the Category drop down.

Admin - Help offset some of the Administrative cost Embrace Uganda has, such as web hosting fees, accounting, etc.