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The Baby House in Kaihura, Uganda is finished! The home is going to house more than 80 orphans in the Kaihura village. The house mothers and children have moved into the house because they are in desperate need of more space due to the growing number of babies coming into the home. The house mothers and babies have shown great excited and appreciation for everything the donations have provided them thus far, but are in need of things to fill the house. Now it is time to fill it with the items needed for infants to five year olds to live in a safe and loving environment. The house needs cribs, mattresses, chairs and tables for eating, learning and worship, and basic storage. We want to provide each house mother with a real bed of her own. We need items for as little as $10 to a full crib/mattress/mosquito net for only $100! Every gift will make a difference to a child now and for decades to come.

Will you donate today to provision the Baby House? If you wish to contribute financially and allow the mission team on the ground to choose how best to use your donation, we would be happy to do so!

God is generous with us so we can be generous with others!

If you wish to designate your gift towards a specific purchase (i.e Crib), use the "Additional Information" field. Pleasant Grove Church in Cary. NC as complied a list of Baby House items needed.

Baby House

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