"We cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." - Mother Teresa

Mission 2018

Mission 2018

Imagine yourself immersed in the culture of Uganda…loving on orphans, teaching students, roofing teachers’ houses, delivering mattresses and mosquito nets, refurbishing an orphanage…RESTORING HOPE.

That’s what a first-hand, on-the-ground experience in Uganda looks like. We learn their names…and listen to their stories.

Perhaps you want to invest in a team member’s opportunity to go or donate toward the $14,000 we raise for our projects on the ground.


Dr. Dirk and Paige Hamp, with others, founded Embrace Uganda in 2007 after their adoption of a seven-year-old orphan girl from the western village of Kaihura, Uganda. Visiting the country and witnessing the need for medical care, clean water supplies and funding needs for orphaned school children, Embrace Uganda was created to encourage and empower a generation of orphans one village at a time!

Our Goals

  • To create long term partnerships with selected Ugandan communities that go deeper rather than wider.
  • The ultimate goal is to create self-sufficiency for the communities but this will take generations to accomplish as the needs are so overwhelming.
  • Empower orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities by providing educational opportunities, thereby increasing their ability to support themselves and meaningfully contribute back to their communities.

Our Objectives

  • Provide quality health care for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Facilitate meaningful and enduring relationships with Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities.
  • Partner with or otherwise assist Ugandan community development organizations to accomplish mutual goals.
  • Provide material and human capital for the creation of sustainable economic development in targeted communities.


Our Corporate Sponsors

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