New Hope Resource Center

The vision of the New Hope Resource Center is coming to light through the collaborative efforts of African Church Empowerment Ministries and Embrace Uganda volunteers. In less than one year, EU volunteers raised enough support to supply and power four (4) new computers for the resource center that will be used by the Koreng Secondary School and the surrounding community. Having computer resources and a qualified teacher gives the children and adults in Koreng the opportunity to enhance their education. At a cost of approximately $400 each ($100 more than our original estimate), our goal is to provide six (6) more computers by the end of 2018. Because of the speed at which technology changes, the resource center will need our continuing support and in Uganda, any size contribution will make a huge difference.

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Today we have installed four computers for the Resource center. I will be commissioning the center next week when the students start the new term. The IT guy who came to help set up was given a chicken in appreciation of his work. Thanks for your hard work. I will keep you posted.
-- Blessings Pastor Michael

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If you are unable to purchase a whole computer system, we would appreciate any amount of donation. Every dollar helps. - Thank You!

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